Why Rent a Porta Potty?

When planning events, we have all heard people say. It’s going to be expensive to rent a porta potty, there are already restrooms there. Some people will say it is too much work. What people do not understand is that they are not expensive, and the maintenance would be done by a professional.

Here is a list of reasons why you should consider a porta potty rental.

Being a good host.

You can be a good host in many ways. One of those ways is providing your guests with private spaces to use when they are needed. Porta potties can provide privates spaces for almost anyone. Parents who need to change a diaper, people who get their hands dirty, who needs to use the restroom and freshen up or to just to step away for a second, are all ways a porta potty can help your guests.

There may not be enough bathrooms.

If you are hosting an event, such as a party or even a wedding. You have to think about how many restrooms you have available to your guests. If you have over 200 people over, and you only have 2 toilets, this might frustrate your guests, and even yourself. There may be long lines just to use the restroom. Think about how many flushes your toilets are using. By having porta potties readily available, you can ensure lines will be kept minimal, it will save your stress on your plumbing and maybe even help with the water bill.

It is always good to be clean and sanitary.

Anytime you are serving food or drinks at an event, you may have people more people using the restroom more than when you do not. This is especially the case if you serve alcohol. It is recommended to have 15 to 20% more restrooms or porta potties available if you are serving alcohol. If those people are intoxicated and cannot hold it in will find other ways to relieve themselves which does not create a clean environment.

Legally, it is required to have restrooms.

OSHA, which is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, require employers to provide restrooms for employees. You want to make yourself aware of these laws if you have a business, especially if your area of work is going to be in a rural area or if you do not have working restrooms. There are many regulations on restrooms, like how many handicap accessible restrooms are needed or if they have to be separated by gender. It is important you look up any laws regarding restrooms before renting.

Porta potties can be used to control crowds or act as barriers.

Some people only see porta potties, as a place to use the restroom. What some people do not know is they can be set to create a barrier. You can use them to create a funnel to an entrance, or even to make a squared area for concession stands or even a “backstage” area So if you are consider renting fencing as well. This may help you save some money.


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