Porta Potty Placement, and its Importance.

It is important to know where to place a porta potty. Whether it’s for a construction site, a wedding, music festival, or sporting event, porta potty placement can possibly make or break the event. Here we will talk about where to place a porta potty to ensure you can ensure productivity, as well as convenience for everyone.

When you look for a porta potty, you want to make sure it is in a dry and flat spot. No one will want to use a porta potty that looks like it will fill up with water or fall over when they are inside. When choosing your event site, you want to make sure that there will be enough flat, dry land for your event, as well as for your porta potty.

Find a Central Location.

You also want to place your porta potties in a location that can be centrally located without disrupting the event. This can vary from event to event. You want to place them in a high traffic area, but don’t want to place them in the middle of the concert venue. Some areas that might suit the porta potties, are near food and beverage stands. You don’t want to place them too close, but close enough because they can turn guests away from the food.

Construction Sites.

When it comes to construction, it is important that porta potties are place in an area that will aid in production. It will take workers a long to have to walk to an area away from the construction site, then it is for someone to take a few steps to a porta potty. This will help aiding in productivity, that will then aid in completing projects on schedule.

Make Servicing Easy.

When it comes to servicing, you want to ensure there is enough space for the service trucks to come in and clean out the porta potties. If they cannot be serviced, it will make a bad experience for you and any guest / event goers. They do not have to be on a road or trail, but ensure they are about 20 to 40 yards away from an access point. The service trucks come equipped with hoses that allow them to be able to get to areas where their trucks can’t go.

Porta potty placement is important for any event or workplace, whether it is keeping your guests happy or to increase productivity at work, the placement of a porta potty can help make or break you.

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