Porta Potty Terms and Conditions – What to Expect

To avoid any surprises, make it good practice to go over the terms and conditions for each porta potty rental company you get a quote from. Pricing can seem quite simple and basic, but it is easy to be charged extra fees when you are not aware of certain situations. Here we will go over common terms and conditions that companies may have, so you can have an idea on what to expect.

Delivery and Pickup

Some companies do not have set times they will deliver their porta potties, so make sure you are available that day. Companies may have a delivery schedule that helps them map the best routes for delivery or even pickups. Also, there are times it will be difficult for a driver to head out, situations like bad weather, traffic or even car break downs the times can vary. A good company will keep in contact with you to keep you updated in what is going on.

Equipment care

The porta potties may be the companies, but when you rent them, they are under your care and supervision. You are going to be responsible for any loss or damage to any of their equipment. Some companies will not allow you to move them, so if you are unsure of location and plan to move them, make sure your terms and conditions allow you to do so.


The company will need access to get to the drop off location. That does not only mean to be let in a specific location, it also can mean that the location for drop off and pick up have to be clear. If the truck cannot get to the location, or if there are objects in the way so they cannot be loaded, you may have some charges. You will most likely have to pay an extra day and pay any trip fees. Always ensure there is a way to get in, and ample room to unload or load the trucks.


Depending on where you place the porta potty, you may need to secure a permit first. This can consist of any public places, like a street or park. If you are uncertain if you need a permit, you can ask the company you are renting from if a permit may be needed. They can show you how to or even assist in getting one.

Charges and Payments

When you agree on terms, companies will charge you for initial agreement before you rent, which is rental for days weeks or months and weekly servicing. You may be charged again at the end if you decide to take on more servicing days, instead of once a week, you may have needed to get two. Also, if the driver was unable to retrieve or drop off a porta potty, you may be charged for the travel fee. This usually consists of the time and gas it takes to get to the location.

It is important to understand what you are getting yourself in. You can save yourself a headache and some money by going through the rental terms and conditions set by the rental company. If you do have any questions, it is important you speak with the company so they clear up and questions or concerns you may have.

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