Different Porta Potty Manufacturers

If you are interested in starting a porta potty (also known as portable restrooms, portable toilets, porta johns, porta loos, WC/water closets, and so on) rental service or want to purchase one for your own needs, it can be confusing deciding which manufacturer to buy units from. Here are some different Portable Restroom manufacturers, features they offer, and what they specialize in.

Satellite Industries

Satellite Industries is known as “the world’s largest supplier of portable restroom products”, as listed on their website. To support this, Satellite Industries is recognized for distributing their products to around 125 countries worldwide.

Through Satellites Industries and their brands, Satellite sells portable restrooms, restroom trailers, deodorizers, vacuum trucks, and more sanitation products.

For portable restrooms, Satellite offers 15 different models. Those models are broken down into three types: standard models, wheelchair accessible models, and various specialty models.

Some features, depending on the model, include flushing, non-flushing, different colors, difference in materials and molding, and additional accessories and parts for increased convenience and expanded use. They also offer models specialized for different markets across the globe, such as Asia and Europe, and have models created to better accommodate high-rise construction by being able to maneuver different doors opening sizes and fit on freight elevators.

They also manufacture hand wash and hand sanitizer stations, deodorizers, flushing systems, and additional parts to better improve sanitation and convenience for their portable restrooms.

Suitable Suites is an example of one the more premier options for portable restrooms. With their additional space, use of new materials different than the typical bright colored polyurethane exterior and interior (aluminum framing, fiberglass ceilings, polyurethane tanks to reduce, etc.), and clean and modern design, Suitable Suites offers the comfort of an at-home (or even more luxurious) restroom in a portable fashion.

Additionally, Satellite Industries has a restroom calculator online to help you calculate for what you may need, no matter the size of the event or who is in attendance.

Satellite Industries US headquarters is based in Plymouth, Minnesota, and their European headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium. Their central distribution center is in Bristol, Indiana.


PolyJohn is called an “industry leader in manufacturing” in portable toilets, portable restrooms, portable sinks, and other accessories worldwide.

For their portable restrooms, PolyJohn makes 16 different models, from standard models, like PJN3, to the more spacious We’ll Care III. Their 16 models consist of PolyJohn’s 6 different types of portable restrooms of various sizes and 2-3 different models per each type. These upgrades include recirculating, where waste can be flushed away with each use, and fresh flush, where waste can be flushed away with fresh water after each use. 3 of the PolyJohn portable restroom types are made to be extra spacious, ideal for family use and for wheelchair access, as well as handrails to improve maneuverability.

To better support their products, PolyJohn manufactures various additional parts, accessories, and sanitation supplies. They also offer an online service called JohnTalk, to better advise you on what you will need.

PolyJohn manufacturing facility is located in Whiting, Indiana and in Canada. They also have regional warehouses nationwide international divisions in Canada (PolyJohn Canada), the UK (PolyJohn International), and Latin America (PolyJohn Latin America).


P-Pod is one of the newer portable bathroom manufacturers that specializes in innovative, collapsible design. Unlike traditional portable toilets that promote durability via their solid structures, P-Pod specializes in convenience through the ability to collapse and expand their products.

P-Pods are portable restrooms that can be folded down into a box sized at 36 inches. Through their collapsibility, P-Pod excels when it comes to convenience when transporting and storing portable restrooms. Because they can collapse to such a small size, they can be kept safe from natural elements, accessible on the road, and ideal for deployments, emergencies, and natural disaster relief where it’s design allows more portable restrooms to be transported in place of traditional standard portable restrooms. Compared to a standard-sized portable restroom, a P-Pod takes up a third of its size.

Unlike other manufacturers, because a P-Pod was made to be collapsible, it does not come with nor are they created with additional parts in mind. However, P-Pods can be used with sealed, removable waste tanks to make clean-up fast and easy. That way, you don’t need a vacuum truck or do you need to travel with waste.

P-Pod, designed by Advantage Engineering Inc., are based in Oldcastle, Ontario, CA, and distributed in the US by allsafetyproducts.com.


For their portable toilets, ARMAL Manufacturers two lines of portable toilets and foods: the CUBE line and the WAVE line.

The CUBE line, manufactured for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, specializes in safety, ease of management, and detailed design. Among the CUBE line are 10 different portable toilets, with some distinguishable features such as different types of toilets, different materials to improve durability and resistance in various areas, plumbing options, a unit designed for less contact (ideal for female use), larger spaces for improved accessibility, smaller sizes for portability, and removable or attached parts. Amongst the CUBE line they also have a portable changing room, a portable shower, and an AquaStand hand washing station, which can be attached together to create a more equipped CUBE or 2-3 CUBE units attached together for a better restroom experience in one location.

The WAVE line, manufactured for North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania, specializes in innovative design and quality. The WAVE line has 5 portable toilets with ranging differences such as different toilets (squatting toilets and standard sit down toilets), plumbing options, larger spaces for improved accessibility, and usage of different materials to promote sanitation, durability, security, and overall design. Unlike the CUBE line, the WAVE line has fewer portable toilets because the various features are condensed to fewer models, rather than multiple models for each feature. Additional products in the WAVE line include a portable changing room and a portable shower.

Outside of the CUBE and WAVE line is the E-Top toilet, an electronic portable toilet that has fully automated flush, sink with an electronic control panel, and an indoor presence detector. Compared to the CUBE and WAVE line, the E-Top toilet is adorned to be more of a luxury toilet with its overall white design, upgraded materials, and new flooring. The exterior can also be customized to show a graphic of your choice.

Like other manufacturers, they also manufacture their own additional sanitary products such as hand wash stations, urinals, trailers, vacuum trunks, deodorizers, accessories, and other additional parts.

ARMAL has two production factories in Italy and Atlanta, GA, the first two ARMAL production facilities before they (and SEBACH) were acquired by LBO France and Italian Yarpa S.p.A., which later created Ylda Group S.p.A. Together with the various companies now grouped together as a result of the acquisitions, plus two commercial branches in China and India, ARMAL now exports to over 110 countries across the globe.


NuConcept, with its slogan of “Very Impressive Portables”, specializes in luxury portable toilets. These products are created to be the “highest state of the art private portable restrooms on the market”, ideal for VIP customers who prefer maximum luxury bathrooms no matter where they are. Unlike other portable toilets that traditionally use polyurethane, NuConcepts portables are created with aluminum structural elements, polyethylene walls, and fiberglass doors.

Their three models are the VIP portable restroom, Prestige portable restroom, and the Diplomat portable restroom. Some different features among the models are capacities in the waste tank, storage, interior design and materials. All NuConcepts Portables have solar powered lights, flush ability, auto-off sinks, acrylic sinks, acrylic mirrors, and plenty of space and storage. Additional options include air conditioning, interior heating, heated water, formica countertops, soap and paper dispensers, and more.

Additionally, NuConcepts has 5 restroom trailers created to take VIP portable restrooms to the next level, equipped with similar facilities as the portable toilets but with more aesthetically pleasing materials, styling, and multiple units fitted to one trailer.

NuConcepts headquarters is located in Ontario, CA and sells their products both across America and worldwide.

T blustar

T blustar is another new manufacturer that emphasizes upon innovative technology, design, durability, and customization.

T blustar has 3 different portable restroom models: rapidLoo PRO, myBlok, myMex, and Space160. Some features include water flushing toilets, wash basins with flush capability, solar powered lights, easy assembly, disassembling, and storing, custom colors, and custom molding.

One standout among the Tblustar products is the rapidLoo PRO and its new wash basin. Similar to the P-Pod, it’s dismantling allows more portable restrooms to be transported in the space of one. Because all walls and parts were made to be easily assembled (in less than 3 minutes, no screws or tools needed), those parts can also be stacked together to package up to four portable restrooms in one portable restroom unit. Additionally, the rapidLoo PRO utilizes a new wash basin equipped with flushing capability and additional storage to safely hold pocket items and beverages.

Other products include outdoor freestanding wash basins, freestanding urinals, vacuum-tanks, and other parts and accessories to better equip your portable restroom.

Tblustar has headquarters located in the US (Atlanta, GA), in Europe (both for the Europe headquarters and a separate Italy branch, both located in Poggibonsi, Italy), and Mexico (Santa Caterina, Nueva Leon).

Whether you want convenient transporting, luxury services, accommodations for accessibility and maneuverability, or simply customization, there are several portable restrooms available to buy to satisfy what you want and accommodate what you may need.

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